Thursday, October 16, 2014

Kingston SE……………………..Say 205

16 Oct 2014

24 days left.

Yesterday we all did a day trip to Robe, 47 kms to the west of Beachport. the day was a little warmer but still required jackets. It was hard to take photos with the heavy cloud cover.

We drove around Robe which has a rich history, of which some evidence still remains. One such remnant was the Obelisk which stands on Cape Dombey. A local builder erected the 40 foot high Obelisk for $460 to act as a landmark for shipping and to contain rocket fired lifesaving equipment. the structure was originally all white, but captains found it difficult to see against the white sand hills so it was painted in red and white stipes.

We saw the old goal ruins, and the Chinese Memorial which marks the 17,000 Chinese who landed at Robe and walked to the Victorian gold fields.

This area also has a number of drains built that drains water from the various swamps into the numerous lakes and thus making the land fertile farming land.

No happy hour as it was too cold and there was some rain.

Today we woke up to more clouds and it seemed a little warmer. We drove the great distance of 80 kms to Kingston, a little further to the west. Kingston SE is definitely a summer town, with many houses available for holiday accommodation. We have views of the ocean from our caravan sites, although the wind is still a little chilly.

We got here early before lunch, so after a cuppa, it was off to have a look around this town, which is home to the giant Lobster. Actually when you get up close to these things, you realise how shabby many of them are. They seem like a good idea at the time but later on as the paint fades, no one wants to pay the money for paint and repairs.

Off again tomorrow to Menigie, closer to Adelaide.

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