Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Venus Bay ………………..Day 217

28 Oct 2014
Goodness, only 12 days left.
Well we had a windy day , then a perfect day with some fishing then another windy day at Whyalla. Saturday morning we moved from Whyalla, on our way to Venus Bay.
We stopped overnight at Tumby Bay in an overnight parking area for RV’s. There is water and a dump point provided, for a cost of $7.50. This is something Mandurah should be doing.
We spent some time watching a Pacific Gull who had come to visit us.
This was just an overnight stop so there was little we needed to do next morning to pack up. Moving further south west we drove through Cummins to Venus Bay where we had stayed 2 years ago. There are lots of pelicans here at Venus Bay and it is a lovely place to stay.


We have discovered that there are trivia questions underneath the caps of Hahn stubbies. Each day at Happy Hour, we have been having mini quizzes. This has resulted in us tending to walk around the caravan site, looking at the ground for more bottle caps. We have learnt a lot including the fact that our forearms are the same length as our feet. We all know that the Australian Rugby Union team won a gold medal in the 1908 Olympic Games and that this is a discontinued sport in the Olympics.

There are also more Pacific Gulls at Venus Bay including this juvenile who objects sharing his breakfast with a sea gull..
Tomorrow, Wed, we are moving further westwards to Streaky Bay.

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