Saturday, November 01, 2014

Smokey Bay………………..Day 220

1 Nov 2014

9 days left.

We spent 3 days at Streaky Bay with variable weather including extreme heat and a rainy night. It still looked the same as 2 years ago when we visited.

Last night was Halloween and we were in the camp kitchen of Streaky Bay having a BBQ, when some little children came running near us. John screamed, then Lance and the poor kids wondered what had happened. They were rewarded for being brave by Denise and her chocolates.

Today, Saturday, 1 November we packed up and headed for Smokey Bay and great 72 kms further west. We stopped in at Haslam Bay to have a look. There is a jetty, used for the last time in 1964 and a few houses, but no shops and the4 camping area is one where you must be self sufficient.

Smokey Bay caravan Park only had a few caravans and we were allowed to pick out where we wanted to set up. Its windy today but John went out on the jetty late afternoon and got two sized crabs. We are all going to try for more tomorrow. We leave here Wed morning.

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