Wednesday, November 12, 2014

HOME………………… Day 228

9 the November 2014………………………..and now we are home.

We left Smokey Bay on Thursday in the morning. A couple of days before we left Smokey Bay we had a wonderful evening with some new found friends at the Smokey Bay park, Pete and Di.


We had chili prawns and golden Syrup Dumplings for our last meal before we set off over the Nullabor. We left Thursday  morning. As we drove the temperature was rising and John was reporting temperatures outside the car of 43 degrees Celsius. We kept driving as it was cooler than stopping somewhere in the bush. We stopped late afternoon where 3 million flies lived.

Sleep was almost impossible that night and thankfully the next day was a little cooler and found us stopping at the Balladonia Roadhouse where we had power. Hamburgers were enjoyed from the Roadhouse.

Another long day on Saturday saw us camping 11 kms north of Ravensthorpe on the Lake King Road. This was our last night together and this is the last sunset while on the road.



We have had a wonderful experience with good friends Denise and John. Thanks guys for your company.

All is well with our house, thanks to Bob, our neighbor. They had a fresh load of bread for us when we arrived. The bread maker has come home and I have forgotten my bread recipe – thank goodness Mary wrote it down when I lent her the bread maker.

Now to get back to our normal life. Thanks to everyone who kept up with our adventures for the last 8 months.

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