Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Smokey Bay……………………Day 224

5 Nov 2014

4 days left

We have been at Smokey Bay for the last 5 days. We arrived Saturday with few vans in the park. Sunday we went out crabbing off the jetty and got 8 crabs and put together with the 2 John had caught the afternoon before, we had enough for our tea.

Monday was blowing a gale and although John and I braved the gales, I only lasted an hour on the jetty. It was so bad I had to tie my trolley and bucket to the railing.

Finally today it was a fairly good day and we got a further 4 crabs for tea while on the road tomorrow night. We caught a strange looking crab. John took it to a local who identified it as a Spider Crab. John took a photo of this weird looking crab. Apparently they are not that special to eat.


Tomorrow we start to 2000km journey home and hope to reach Dawesville by Monday 5 November. Thats the plan anyway.